This letter from Mom to Chai was written on Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Chai,

My sweet little angel that was sent to me twelve years ago from Japan. I had know idea when I was asked to foster you, until we could found you a home, that it was I who needed rescuing. Chai, my fiesty, shiba-inu who traveled a fourteen hour flight to Los Amgeles... to come into my life. You were my little guardian angel who protected and cared for me through all of lifes challenges. You healed my broken hearts, made me laugh , you made me cry, and you never left my side especally if I was sick,sad or scared . I always felt safe knowing that you would be home waiting for me and your goofy smile... made my heart dance. We had each other and we didn't need anyone else. Words can not describe how grateful I am for all of the flourishing love, protection and commitment you gave to me for so many years.

I know the last six months was extremely painful and uncomfortable because your body was old and in pain. I also know that you stayed as long as you possibly could for me...Thank you. I'm sorry that you were uncofortable and in pain and kept hanging on just to make sure I would be alright. I tried as much as I could to ease your suffering and I'm sorry I didn't know there was a tumor.

I am sad and miss you soooooo very much, but please know that you are in my heart, and soul everyday.You were my friend, my little boy, my companion and my souls keeper. I will love you for as long as I live and I hope you come rushing to greet me one day when it's my time to pass on., I can't wait to be greeted by your stinky breath, wet kisses ,and your beautiful big smile. and I will soak you up like the sun and I will never let you go.


My sweet Chai- Chai I want you to run in the grass, roll in the sand, play with Woo, Max,Chester and Razzle. Eat as much chicken, steak and lamb bones your little heart desires.

You truly were a gift from God and I'm the luckiest woman to have been chosen to be your human..

Missing You,