This letter from MOM to Bacardi Silver was written on Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Bacardi Silver,

I'm sure you knew how much I loved you. We cuddled every night. It's been so[explitive removed]since you moved on. Remember all the fun times we had with Santa and how much you loved playing with tha one toy mouse until you tore it apart. You know, no one will use your tunnel. That is yours, and I think the others know that. I walk into the bedroom thinking you'll be on the bed or in the closet, and then I realize that you're not there. When I lay down to go to sleep I don't have anyone to cuddle with. Your brothers and sister just don't cuddle like we did. I will always remember the first day I found you. To think no one wanted you. It was because you were ment for me, so I could give you the best life I could. No one thought you would live as long as you did, but you proved everyone wrong. The day I found the mass, I thought to myself that it really wasn't there and that everything would be fine. I'm sure that you are much happier now, and feel so much better. You are with your littermates now. I know Aunt Dawn and I both agree you are all up to something. If I get another cat, it isn't to replace you in my heart. It is to make it things go by faster and give another kitty a chance at have a great family. It is impossible to replace you in anyway. You were the best cat anyone sould ever ask for. Please forgive me if the first injection stung a little. The point of it was to make you comfortable, not to harm you. I know you jumped and seemed liked it hurt. I was just trying to ease your suffering. Once you were asleep I held you for the rest of it in my arms. I can never change anything, but I hope I didn't upset you. I really can't type anymore, because I can't stop crying. Maybe it was too soon to try to type this letter, but I needed something to help me deal with your loss.