This letter from Mom to Baby was written on Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Baby,

Today has been a bad day. I am missing you terribly and sitting here crying and wondering where the past 6 months has gone. It feels like it was just days ago I gave you my last kiss. I know you know that you saved my life, I know that I would never have made it with out you. You were my soul mate. I know why they say people with animals live longer. Because they get love so unconditionally. Such an honest and pure love that I can't imagine what its like for people who never know the love of an animal. I see you in my dreams and wake up missing you more. You gave me 18 years and I wish I have one more day with you. I know that is selfish but if I could just hug you once more, feel you little paws on my face, wake with you sleeping on my back just one more time I would give anything.

I know days will be better, I know today is just a bad day. You would hate for me to be like this. Today just feels like I lost you all over again. I can't wait for the day when I get to see your sweet face again. I love you.