This letter from Mom mom to Bunny was written on Sunday, August 31, 2014Bunny

Dear Bunny,

You came into my life nearly 6 years ago as a senior gal that had been bred and discarded. Thankfully you were rescued by OBHR and then you rescued me.

We drove 800 miles to pick you up in Ohio and then headed back to Alabama. You walked through our front door as if you had lived here all your life and took the role as Queen without a hitch. You fit our family like a glove. You loved your walks on the golf course and your dips in the ponds. More than anything, you loved food and savored every single bite. You loved us as much as we loved you, yet you were always a bit aloof. You were stingy with kisses but we knew that you really meant it when you would give one. (or we had food on our face) You were far from a lap dog, but you were always present. You would always appeared in every room I was in. Almost stealth like, which was impressive for a 90 pound basset. You wore your old age like a crown and never complained. Not even once.

I want you know that I did not know how sick you really were. I knew there was something wrong but neither the vet nor I realized what. Even if I did, there was nothing I could do. Your cancer spread so quickly and at 14 1/2 I would never have tried to operate. I would rather lose you in my arms that on an operating table.

It has only been 6 days since I last saw your gentle face. I know that your mind and your heart wanted to stay, but your body had nothing left. I think you knew it was time. I held you in my arms and stoked your soft brow as you drifted to the bridge. Your paw was in my hand as I promised you it would be.

I miss your gentle snores, your grunts and your groans. I miss waking up and lying on the floor with you for our morning cuddle. You would yawn and stretch with acknowledgement. I miss the water that dribbled from your mouth with every drink. I miss the demanding barks at the stroke of 5pm for your dinner and most of all, I miss your happy waddle to the front door to greet me. It didn't matter if I had been gone 10 minutes or 10 hours, the greeting was celebratory!

I am happy that you will no longer suffer with your fear of storms. The fear that you suffered was always so hard on us both. I am glad that you will never go through that fear again.

Boo, Emma and Dusty are wondering where you are. I don't know how a house can be so empty when I have three furkids to keep me company, but it does.

On Tuesday I will pick up your ashes and bring you home. But I know that they are only symbolic. I know you are at the bridge. Living and loving and waiting for me. You will always be with me, forever in my heart.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for your love.

Kisses and hugs until I see you again.



Mom mom