This letter from Mom Mom to Angus D. Hugglesworth was written on Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Angus D. Hugglesworth,

We lost you before you even turned 2 and it was like I lost one of my children. Even after the months have gone by, We feel your presence and sometime see you out of the corner of our eye. Your Farky dog misses you so much and doesn't want to get close to your baby kitties any more. I know how you loved those kittens and we tell Farky all the time that it's alright to love them because you would want that for him. I cried the other day, We got our stockings out and yours was in the box, when I saw it, it was like fresh waves of sadness once again. The holidays are harder than I expected. You aren't here to sleep under the tree. I miss you sleeping on my feet at night and all of the funny little faces you would make. I hope you're having a wonderful Holiday time up in heaven, I'm sure that Grandma and Grandpa are spoiling you, they loved fur babies so I know you are in loving arms in heaven. Always know that mommy loves you. I loved you so much that I had to take you to end the suffering. You were looking at me pleading to make it stop and that was all I could do in the end was to let them give you peace. I love you and I miss you. And I'm sure we will feel your presence come Christmas day.


Mom Mom