This letter from Mom Dad L and M to Casey was written on Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Casey,

On Aug 7th after a completely normal day, Casey would not eat dinner, even the hotdogs we were having. She went upstairs and laid at the top of the stairs. She then moved to our sons bed and was panting and breathing very heavily. We knew something was wrong. By 7:00 we were on the way to the vet. They told us you had fluid on your heart caused by cancer. You never let on that something was wrong. By 9:30 you were gone and we still can not believe it. we are glad you did not suffer for a long time, but the whole in our hearts in really sad. You were the best, very quirky, had a mind of your own. I miss our morning routine of a rub at the top of the stairs and a treat and out. You always told me at night when it was time for the dishes. You learned quickly to ring bells to go out and even quicker that if Dad had ice cream and you rang the bells he would get up,put the ice cream down and you would sneak past and jump into his chair and help yourself. Funny girl..a corgi golden mix and so beautiful. You were best friends to the kids and tolerated all the fosters came and went. Ofcourse you had your favorites, but know more favorite than your beloved Jack who also left us way too soon. When I would look out and see your tail wagging a mile a minute I would know he had come across for his visit with you. So I guess you are running the fields with Jack now but you need to know we will always love you and thank you for the 8 years of unconditional love. We were not prepared to loose you but you know you were the stepping stone to L's love of animal work and as she soon goes off to college to study animal behavior know that you were a big part of her taking this path. M misses you more than words can say but we know he will find his way using his many happy memories of you to help him through. The house is too quiet and I miss you so much. Thank you for choosing us and loving us. Who knew the funny little dog with the big ears (almost as big as your body) would be such a wonderful addition to our lives. You've got your wings now beautiful friend...and you will always live in our hearts.


Mom Dad L and M