This letter from Mom, Dad, Anthony, Domino & Nestles. XOXO to Clutch was written on Monday, April 30, 2012Clutch

Dear Clutch,

It will be two weeks on Tuesday since you went to rainbow bridge. Four weeks from the time we found out you were sick. We did not find out until you were gone that you had Cancer and nothing more could have been done. You never let us know that you were feeling bad and you were always there for me at night, right at my feet where you liked to sleep. I still remember picking you out of the litter. We bred your daddy just to get you- you were his gift to us. The two of you were my pride and joy. Always comforting me when I needed you, always patient with your little boy who loved to play between you. Your Aunt Nestles and your sister Domino spent days mourning your loss. The blank space in our home is evident. We remember you daily, the way you would sit on the couch like the rest of us, like a person. The way you protected our home and your boy from any harm that may come. You were always a true and loving soul, and we will always remember you and love you. I remember the little butterball you were when I picked you up from your canine Mommy's home. The way you trained your human Daddy on the rules of living with a doberman and how you bonded with every member of the family in your own way. Domino has taken over your place on the couch and tries her best to be brave when the mailman comes- she knows you taught her what you could, but she wants you to know that she is only a boxer with small teeth after all- but she is trying her best to do your teaching proud and barks at the mailman daily! Aunt Nestles has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The vet says she has about 6 months to a year before she won't be able to use her hind legs anymore. She is a strong girl as you know, but I want you to keep a place for her with you and the rest of the family at the bridge- be there to welcome her in. Finally, I want you to know how very much we all loved you- I think that you knew that all the time anyway. We know that we will meet you again one day, and we will all be a family close again. Until then, run, play, smell the flowers, be pain free, smile your funny little smile and give your daddy a big wet kiss for us. We miss you, you are very much loved.


Mom, Dad, Anthony, Domino & Nestles. XOXO