This letter from mitch to Tedman was written on Thursday, January 1, 2015Tedman

Dear Tedman,

We had to say goodbye Teddy on May 14, 2014. We had no choice. We had just under a year together, and I have to tell you, it was one of the finest years I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, I've loved all my dogs. But you were SO special. You brought love and light and laughter and happiness to me, the kind of which I've rarely seen in these 54 years and counting. The night you arrived home, after weeks of monitoring you and finally discovering you weren't adopting out for your health issues, I made my decision, and you arrived. Your smile was the most infectious ever. You came in that night, unpacked your bags, and settled in. It took no time at all, for us to make friends. You slipped into our lives like a glove. Our first months together were awesome. You were such an excellent co-pilot and rescue Ambassador. I loved dancing with, and cuddling you every night around suppertime. I rejoiced when you'd wander down into the office from your spot in the living room, whenever you smelled food, or anticipated the next "event" in our day. I loved celebrating you, like no other. Teddy! TEDDY! I loved how you licked my nose. My god, what a gift it was, when you would lick my nose. I loved every hair on your beautiful head. I loved policing you in the backyard, in good weather, and in bad. I loved your tippy tappy toe toe dance, the special one you'd give, when you were anticipating treats, attention, or just love, sweet love. I loved the smell of you, I loved your toes, I loved your smile, I loved your presence. Teddy, I just loved YOU. Every single thing about you, every moment together, you made my world. I will never forget you.You were brighter than a thousand suns. For gods sakes, you upstaged JC!!! You were just a star Tedman, that's what you were, and still are. I wish to god I could have one more minute with you. Ted, I have to say goodbye to 2014, and with it, you. Your picture is over my desk. Friends, family, colleagues all miss you. They SAW you. They loved you. Ted man Harrison Nadon - we will never be the same, and we thank you most sincerely, utterly, for gracing our lives. Teddy, if I may be so bold, pls wait for me. All I want to do is hold you in my arms again. Please stay on the bridge. Watch for Cyril, Mo, Max, Stormont, Petey, TrixieLu, Mishe and Choules... and Nana. Wait for me honey. If I found you in this life, I WILL find you in the next. I love you darling littleone. Kiss your face, Teddy. Thank you for your love, and your trust, Tedman.