This letter from mitch & stella too. to TrixieLU was written on Sunday, May 29, 2011TrixieLU

Dear TrixieLU,

Dearest dearest BabyLU. Thank you for making your way to me. We only had 16 months together, but I could not have asked for a sweeter, funnier, more loving little terrier to guard over me and fill my days with fun. I couldn't believe when the shelter asked me to take you home - after the other dogs, you were kind of like having a cat! SO small, but fierce, oh my lord you were fierce. And SO determined. And so funny. And so so so loving. I loved kissing your little snout and I treasured our special greeting every single morning. I loved stopping at Tim's to buy donuts just for you and I loved pulling other dogs' hair out of your teeth when you thought they'd get too close to me. I slept in bed last night - first time in weeks. I will miss you getting me up for your pee at 5AM and I'll miss how you came to me for comfort time and again, esp these last weeks together, when you were feeling so rough. I'd do anything LU, to take away your discomfort and your fear. Please, please be on the other side and wait for me. It's truly all I want from this life, is to see you, and all my dogs again. Please god, make it so. I love you little one. I just love you so.


mitch & stella too.