This letter from Missy (Mum), Rick (Dad), and Logan to Emma was written on Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Emma,

I remember when we found you. We were working at the renaissance fair. I was wearing a fancy dress that had antique lace that I had been warned to be careful with. But that went out the window when someone told me there was a little deaf puppy that needed a home. You were so sweet, even then. You climbed into my lap, and the feeling that you were right where you belonged was immediate. We took you home that night.

There were so many things you were afraid of. Afraid someone was going to take your food or toys away. Afraid that something bad was going to happen. But we were patient, and kind, and you blossomed. You stopped growling when we came near you while you were eating. You played nicely with your new 'brother' Logan.

Once you realized you were loved, you only wanted to love in return. Any new visitor was greeted with thousands of kisses and joy. You became everyone's best friend, and stole the hearts of all who met you.

You were two when you had your first seizure. We did everything we could, borrowed money from anyone we could, to try and get you the best care possible. But we couldn't stop the seizures. You were so understanding, even when we feared the worst. You would walk up, even in your post ichtal phase, and give us a kiss on the chin, as if to say "It'll be all right."

We tried so many medications, but they just didn't work. The night we lost you, just four nights ago, it seemed like you knew, and you were ready. We were out of options - and you told us it was your time. You even kissed the vet who laid you to rest. You went to sleep in our arms, surrounded by love and giving it back with your last breath.

I miss you terribly. I miss you following me everywhere. I still leave your spot on the bed with enough space to curl next to me. I miss your kisses, your soft ears. I even miss being woken up rediculously early in the morning by your insistant bark. I miss the little play barks, and the cuddles on the sofa. I miss watching you 'pudding' off the couch or bed. I miss the feel of your velvet soft ears. Visitors miss your bouncing, happy greetings. Logan misses his playmate.

You taught us so much about love and kindness. You taught us about forgiveness. Daddy and I are looking to volunteer at an animal shelter, so we can keep helping other dogs. You taught us that we had so much love to give, and it has such life-changing power. You taught us, and I hope others, that with love, all things are possible.

So many people had such kind words for you. So many people said you were lucky to have us. But I think we were luckier to have you. All of us who knew you were.

I hope you understand that we know we will never find another Emma. But in your memory, we will carry on helping as many dogs as we can. You taught us that. And we will never forget that - or you.

We love you, little Pudding, and we always will.

Missing You,

Missy (Mum), Rick (Dad), and Logan