This letter from Missing My BooBaby to Boo (BooBaby) was written on Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Boo (BooBaby),

Baby Im so sorry I was not here to help you...I know it was a rare thing for Mommy to be out of the house after 10 pm...GrandMa say's God needed you more than me & that's why I was gone when He took you...I never thought in a million years a sack of chips would hurt you...I still look at that bag & wonder HOW you got ur BIG head in it and could not pull it off...I know God took you fast & you didnt suffer...Missy was cleaning your ears when Daddy found you....Baby Im so sorry,Im never gonna forgive myself for leaving the chip where you could get them,I know it's my fault your gone & Daddy Misses You so much....It's hard sleeping without you next to me & I dont feel safe at nite with Daddy at work,You know Missy cant hear well so if someone broke in we would be dead B4 Missy realized what was going on LOl...The nite you Passed away I found sum pretty neat stuff,but You know that cuz I know your here watching,what I would do to feel you brush up against me or have you breathing in my ear like u used to do...I miss ur smell and have not washed the bedding because I dont want to ever to erase ur puppy smell... We are getting alot done around the house But You know that to Im sure...Your grave is pretty Not what I want yet But Im trying my Baby to make it beautiful...I hope u like the lights it was the last box of colored ones we could find...I know your free and running & doing all the fun things you didnt get to do on earth...I hope you dont mind Hank & Baily being ion the pen out back,I want to keep them but I dont think Im ready yet for another baby...I try to be Happy my love but it's hard...I have not spilled my coffee since you left & honestly I miss the hot coffee running down my leg cuz you tripped me & I had to yell Dammit Boo and I know you giggled everytime u made me spill it...The baby misses you so much,he said booboo booboo for days after you left...I take him to ur grave but he dont understand yet...Wild strawberries have over taken ur grave & it's beautiful baby,Missy lays beside you alot & Im scared her day is coming she's so old baby I wake up alot to make sure she's breathing LOL Im such a dork I know Baby...God I MISS YOU...Momma kitty had 5 babies yesterday,Buddy [removed]zu thinks he's the Daddy I guess he sure was excited about the babies They are so cut Boo I KNOW u would have loved them...Boo Please let me know your here that you visit I think I hear You late at nite and sumtimes when Im sleeping I wake up cuz I felt sumthing jump on the bed...O BooBoo I didnt realize how much I needed you till it was too late...Daddy says I need a hobby so I got 6 gold fish & an ugly thing that eats the yuck off the tank the gold fish are relaxing to watch,but Id much rather have your head on my lap watching you sleep my love...Just know I will always alway love YOU & I cant wait to be with You & the boys again please keep Guarding the house from anything bad that could happen...I Love You My Angel 2day & Always

Momma,Daddy,Missy,Buddy,Bandit & all the cats....Rest in Peace My Love Bug Boober Baby

Missing You,

Missing My BooBaby