This letter from Meredith aka Momma to Meatball, Lennox, Romeo, Judge was written on Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear Meatball, Lennox, Romeo, Judge,

You were a foursome to recon with. My fearless kitty Mr. Meatball who would wrestle with lennox and snuggle with Romeo. My gentle patient protective Judgie who never left my side. When your hip started hurting so badly that you couldnt get up the stairs to protect me I could feel your heart break. I would have slept on the couch for the rest of my life to keep you with me. My dearest Romeo, you lived up to your name and then some... you were the sweetest most loving bulldog I could have ever wanted. Watching your ears perk up whenever I entered the kitchen and knowing you were right on my heels was a great joy for me. Mr Ox.. my beloved Lennox. You were the embodiement of beauty and grace. You were as goofy as Marmaduke and as commanding as a soldier. I miss you all and there isnt a day that has passed that I havent thought of you. I love you all.


Meredith aka Momma