This letter from Me to Zoe was written on Wednesday, February 4, 2015Zoe

Dear Zoe,

Oh how I miss you! It's been 5 weeks today since you left our family and it's still so very hard and heart breaking to me. I feel your loss so deeply and I just cant seem to get the hurt to stop.

Every night before I go to sleep I tell you how much I love you and miss you and I hope to see you in my dreams every night.

Zoe you were there for me on some of the hardest times I have ever experienced, you loved me unconditionally and fully even though at times I didn't think I deserved love from anyone or anything.

I didn't know how much you filled my life and heart until the very minute you left me. I hope you know I wish I could of done more for you, but cancer is a hard thing and looking back now I see you had been going through it for awhile, but you were so good you didn't show me just how sick you were until that fateful day. I cant believe I lost you at nearly 7 yrs old just seems so unfair. I thought we had so much more time together. I thought you were going to be our travel buddy when we hit the road in a couple years. I would give anything if I could just hold you one more time and smell you and see you run around the house picking up balls and bringing them over to play. You were such a good girl Zoe. Some look at you with fear, but you were always a special girl to us and our family. One day we will see each other again at the Rainbow bridge and until then I hope you and Magie and all our other fur babies are playing together.

I Love you Zoe my beautiful special Rottie!!

Missing You,