This letter from me to Skye was written on Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Skye,

Hey there pretty girl. How's it going up in heaven?

I got thinking last night about are wagon. Do you remember it? Of course you do how could you forget. We had some great adventures with that wagon. Do you remember how I bought you a harness and then hooked you up to the wagon? We would parade around the camp with you pulling the wagon and Keyko proudly sitting in it. And sometimes we even gave the little kids at camp ''dog drawn wagon rides" those little kids just loved sitting in that wagon holding keyko in their lap as you happily pulled them around. Then there was the time when I filled up the wagon with little creatures that we found in the tidepools at the beach and we put on the ''zoo''. You were the lion-dog, being the golden colour you were.

We had a lot of good times with that wagon and I promise to take care of it forever