This letter from Mary to Benny was written on Monday, April 9, 2018Benny

Sweet Benny,

Dear Benny:

I remember the day I brought you home from the shelter. After that lady returned you because you wanted to sit on her lap. You didn't like to be alone. But who could blame you, four different homes that we knew about. It took some time but slowly your separation anxiety got better, but it was always there. I wasn't about to pass you around like all the other's. Who better to adopt you then the Shelter Manager.

Remember, all our wonderful walks together. We walked a lot. You would sleep with Mommy every night.

You never , ever, once growled or try to bite anyone. You were the sweetest thing ever. You loved everyone. Just wanted to be with your people!

People tell me you were much LOVED by me.

People tell me I did the right thing.

People tell me everything dies.

I MISS you little buddy!

You were never, ever, a bother to me. We were together for over 14 yrs. I never gave up on you and I will always LOVE you!

And Benny...don't forget to say hi to Raja and Kitty Cat....oh and Radar.