This letter from Mama to Sophie was written on Sunday, December 7, 2014Sophie

Dear Sophie,

We had 15 years together. It was a good run and I am not complaining, but I miss you terribly. I look at all the places in the house where you liked to sleep and there may as well be a black hole there they are so empty. Its been a little more than 2 months and I've stopped expecting to see you but the idea you are gone still takes my breath away from time to time. Thinking back to your younger days, I loved the way you would zoom around in figure eights when you were excited and how the feeling of sand under your feet made you switch immediately into crazy mode. I loved that you trusted us completely, even though you trusted only a few other people in this world. In your old age, you allowed us to rinse and lubricate your eye many times a day and you never gave us any flack about it, just a little tail wag as you sat down to let us have at it. My favorite old lady behavior was how you would stand up and walk over to me when you realized I had come home, and press your head against my knees so I could scratch your back and tell you hello. Most mornings you were the last to wake up, and I would carry you downstairs and tell you we had another day to enjoy. You were the first member of our family and you will always be in our hearts.