This letter from mama to Jezabel was written on Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear Jezabel,

We had so many nick-names for you - Jeza-butt-bell, Fluffin', Jezi, and I always called you my girl. Oh how I love my girl! We miss everything about you and the house will never be the same. We come home to an empty house now, but sometimes we think we see you snoozing in a corner. The other day I stepped on my slipper and I thought it was you! I was eating chicken the other night and just the smell of it reminded me how you'd jump up on the chair to be closer to the people food. In the middle of the night when I wake up and can't get back to sleep - I look for you. I expect you to find me like you usually did. I miss you and I know you miss us too. I hope you're happy and I hope you understand. We had such a strong bond; it'll never go away. We had our own communication, and you were in Heaven on my lap when I pet you the special way only I knew how to do. You made us laugh every day. We made up songs about you and we still sing them. You were the best lovin' girl kitty in the world. So much spunk and personality! When I traveled, I worried about you but you were fine. For 17 years you were fine. I expected you to live forever because I couln't bear the thought of losing you. I hope you come back to visit often. I miss your meow. I miss your funny way of communicating with us. I miss your eyes and your fur and your fluffy tail. I miss the warmth of you lying next to me. I wish I could still hold you - but I will hold you in my memory, in my heart, in my dreams, in my thoughts forever. I miss you little girl and I love you forever.