This letter from Mama (Maria) to Mochi was written on Thursday, November 21, 2013Mochi

Dear Mochi,

You came into my life

unexpectedly, thirteen years ago,

you were just a little girl

about nine months old.

It’s hard to believe

someone had abandoned you.

Well, now I was the lucky one,

to have you in my home.

You were very smart, obedient,

fun and so playful.

You were cute as a button,

with the most beautiful soulful eyes.

You were friendly, funny and always so happy,

but best of all, you were mine.

You filled my life with joy and happiness,

my days with hope and purpose.

You filled our home with warmth and comfort,

my heart with love and peace.

You made me laugh when I least expected it

and when I needed it most.

You helped me through some tough times,

making it all good.

Before too long you were my best friend and my world.

We walked for hundreds of miles together,

your little paws explored the streets of Rodeo, Melrose, Santa Monica, Laguna, and many more.

We even took the ferry to the island of Balboa,

I think you especially enjoyed walking

our home town of Aliso Viejo.

You accompanied me to the carwash

and errands around town.

You loved to go bye-bye,

be it cold or summer heat,

you were always ready

to jump right into your car seat.

On Friday nights we were at the Spectrum

checking out the shops,

somehow you always found your way

directly to the pet shop.

Everyday you waited by the window

until my car turned the corner,

I could see you jump and run to greet me

happily at the door.

We closed our eyes at night

and you woke up by my side,

you were my little sunshine

making everything alright.

Every Christmas morning

you found your gifts tucked under the tree,

you quickly unwrapped them

and went back to look for more.

I’m still puzzled how you didn’t touch

anyone else’s, just the ones for you.

I still think you were amazing

at how much you knew.

Forever I will remember

the road trips we took together

to Aspen, Sedona, Utah,

Grand Canyon, and more.

The weekend trips to Big Bear,

Arrowhead, LA and Del Coronado.

Our camping in the woods

and hikes in the mountains,

driving up the coast and

through the rolling hills.

Everything was better

when you were by my side.

Most of all I’ll treasure our yearly trips to Carmel,

it was just the two of us, we were never alone,

it was our home away from home.

We spent the days walking about,

and saying hello to every pup in town.

I know your favorite treat was running free

for hours on the beaches of Carmel.

You didn’t know it,

but that was my special treat too,

I smiled and laughed for hours

just watching you.

But lately it’s only been trips to the vet,

they said your heart will get larger

and breathing will be tough.

I gave you all your pills,

oh this is getting rough,

to see your health declining

and your appetite grow less,

all the while your tail is wagging

to camouflage your pain.

You didn’t like to be held too long,

you preferred to stand on your own,

but on our last day together

you curled up in my arms.

For hours I held you close

as your head rested on my heart.

You knew that’s what I needed

to comfort the ache in my heart

and to quiet my weeping

as the tears poured out in fear.

Thank you, my precious Mochi,

for comforting my life until the painful end.

You gave me your everything

until your eyes closed to rest.

My heart is aching now,

the house is empty

and doesn’t feel like home.

My days are long and lacking,

my life is lost and lonely.

Now I stand alone without balance,

reflecting, and yearning for more.

My tears keep flowing,

oh, this is when I need you most.

Forever I will treasure you,

my little piece of heaven.

You are now a little angel

resting in my heart.

I love you my little Momo,

and forever I will miss you.

Missing You,

Mama (Maria)