This letter from Mama, Daddy & Ty to Phibie was written on Thursday, December 19, 2013Phibie

Dear Phibie,

I had a feeling this morning when I left you, I wouldn't be coming home to see you sitting up waiting for me to walk in the door. I said my goodbyes to you every morning before I left for work and today was no different. The only thing I said different today to you was make sure you tell Nina that I love and miss her and I understand if you need to go to sleep sweet Angel. Last thing I remember this morning was petting the top of your head and feeling where my tears dropped on you. Those same tears were dropped on you as I wrapped you up in your blanket for the last time. I'm so thankful my Mama was here with you when you took your last breath. It broke my heart that I wasn't here with you when you left but so thankful you were not alone. Mom said if only I had been a minute earlier I would have seen you. You were still warm when I got to you.

I know you knew how much I loved you because I told you every single day starting with the day I brought you home. I remember Mom, Dad and Uncle Brant telling me " You don't need to get a dog your first year in College and having a dog is a big responsibility". Well, going to the shelter on Aug 15th 1999 and spending $40 on your adoption fee was one of the best decisions I've ever made. You stole my heart that day and you will forever remain there. You put a bright light in my life for 14 wonderful years. You picked a beautiful day to leave this world. The sun was out and not a cloud in the sky. Guess that was your way of telling me goodbye and still letting your light shine on me.

Phibie, there will not be a single day that goes by that you won't cross my mind. I'll probably never get over you but that's ok because nothing will ever take your place. Ty is sitting with me as I type wiping my tears. He knows I'm upset and I have him to help me get through this just like You and Ty both helped me when Nina passed. You will always be my first true love Phibie. I know you and sweet Nina are together again running and playing. Run Phibie Run!!! The Cancer took your leg and that awful infection took your life but nothing will take our memories. You will forever live in our hearts sweet Angel! Until we meet again Sweet Girl. Good Night and We Love You!


Mama, Daddy & Ty