This letter from Mama Carolina to Momo was written on Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Momo,

I can't believe it's already been more than a month since you passed away, but I am still learning to accept your absence, which is not easy for me in any way. As heartbreaking as our parting is for me, I am thinking so much about what a wonderful boy you were; how soulful, loving, wise, and courageous a kitty you truly were. It was an honor to be your mom and your person. I love you tremendously, and I miss you every day. I expect I always will. I remember how much you loved me and our family, how you loved to make friends with other humans and animals alike. And how much you seemed to touch those who came in contact with you. There was just something about you that was mysterious and wonderful. Our neighbors who learn of your passing have expressed how much they loved you, and how special you were to them. Your life was so full of love and friendship. So many loved you. And you gave so much love, too. You were truly unlike any cat I have ever known; such an old and deep soul you had. I don't really know how to say goodbye to you. You were gone so suddenly, and it's been so painful and difficult to accept. But I still feel that you are with us, and Luke / dad has said so, too--he told me the other day that he feels like you are with him all the time somehow, and you have visited so many of my dreams. Always you are full of peace and contentedly purring, as though you want to be sure I know you're alright. I love you so very much my darling boy, and even though you left us far too soon, and took a piece of my heart with you in the process, I am so happy that I had the time with you that I did. My life was better for having you in it, and I learned so much from you that I will never forget. Wherever you are in kitty heaven, please know that you are forever and ever loved, and forever in my heart. Forever and always, my sweet one.


Mama Carolina