This letter from M to Loki was written on Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Loki,

Some people will say, "but he was just a rat!" but no, you were my buddy. I don't know why, out of all the rats we had, you were the one who latched on to me the most, but I'm so glad you did. Our bond was stronger than I ever thought was possible between human and rodent.

I still remember how you tried to play with Clover Cat, and how she was scared of you--even though you were so tiny! You loved playing with Taz, too; she's gotten to be a fat, lazy ferret in your absence.

Even though I'm a thousand miles away from that little apartment we shared, I still think of you every time I eat ramen noodles. You were always so happy when I'd give you one (and don't tell the other rats up there in rat heaven, but I always thought you were the cutest, too!). The way you'd curl up on my lap, or up on my shoulder in my hair when I was lying on the bed...I knew you were doing it not just because you needed a warm place to sleep, but because you cared about me, too. I miss your little rat kisses, the way you'd try to clean me as if I were just another giant rat.

Loki, I miss you and Ryu and Zeus so much, and I hope someday to have rat companions like you all again. You taught me that even the smallest of creatures have big hearts. Thanks for being my baby for the little while that I had you.