This letter from Lisa and your siblings to (Queen) Bee was written on Monday, December 3, 2012(Queen) Bee

Dear (Queen) Bee,

Every day we miss you. Elijah didn't mean to attack in his quest for dog ranking when you were sick. Hapi is still wild--but trying to assume the role of Queen pack leader. She is a silly willy--you were more serious and regal. Your new fur siblings are Lady, Ronny, Darla and Sandy. Lady is more like you--even with her bad foot. She is calm, serious, sweet as pie. She was 122 lbs and has lost weight now that her thyroid is better. Darla looks like you except 14 lbs with fur. Same color markings. You would love her. Ronny is excitable. Remember when you farted and woke yourself up? Ronny would run like a fireball if you did that to him. Sandy is precious. Found her in the back of the house where I used to walk you. She is a love. She would love to have learned from you, followed you around the house. She also thinks Hapi is to goofy and should calm down. She "checks" her rambunctious behavior just like you used to to. We know you are here Bee. I feel you. I loved you so much. Your daddy James feels horribly guilty for leaving you with me. You were the best child he ever had--considering he took care of non of his human children. He took care of you the longest. He's a bit of a punk--you know that, but that's your Daddy and you took care of him many times. Elijah is getting up there and perhaps, feels bad for the things he did to you. But he loves you and appreciates everything about you. He's a senior now. Now he knows what its like to be a little tired, bones ache, and lots of tumor growths for no reason. You other family misses you. Do you hang with Miss Kitty? Grandma? Kiss Grandma for me!! I love you Bee. Everyone loved you. You are still legendary among the Rottis. The oldest to have ever graced the earth for as long as you did. My bones ache too Bee. I miss you and look forward to your kisses once more.

Missing You,

Lisa and your siblings