This letter from Lily to Pete was written on Wednesday, June 13, 2012Pete

Dear Pete,

I don't know why you died... you never showed any signs of being sick or maybe I never educated my self enough to see them. I regret not taking care of you as I should have. Not paying enough attention or not talking enough to you. But I loved you! So much! You left and I feel empty and sad. Pita asks for you and I just don't know what to say... I told her you left to bird heaven where you are now flying free and where you are now happy. I remember how much you would chirp in the mornings and whenever I came to the room. How jealous Pita would get if anyone got close to you and would try to fight us; she would bite you as well like if it was your fault. You would get to a corner and just look at me. I can't forget all those wonderful years... now I can't stop crying... I just wish you were still here Pete.

Did I scare you? I was cleaning your cage and needed the broom to sweep the fallen seeds and I stood up to grab the broom again you fell backwards to the bottom of the cage and scream oddly, for a second I thought you were stock or something so I ran and got help but when I came right back you were quiet and still... oh my poor Pete, why??? I miss you so much!!! I would do anything just to see you one more time. My sweet and kind Pete. I will take care of Pita, we are starting to bond, she calls for you it's all so resent... I will never forget you Pete! You lay in the backyard where I plan to plant a rose bush in your memory. If there is a bird heaven I hope that you are there and I hope that I will meet you once again. Love you always my precious friend.