This letter from Kim to Nubbin was written on Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear Nubbin,

You died in our backyard on August 19th,It was the saddest and hardest decision I ever had to make to have a vet come to our house to put you to sleep..Watching you trying to breathe the last few days really took it's toll on me.I had two extra weeks to spend time with you because of the cortisone shot the vet had given you.I still can't believe you are gone.I call you everyday still out the back door and hope to see you in the yard still smelling the fresh air.

You were the best friend I could ever hope to have.I found you in 2000 as a rescue not knowing your age.You had been through a lot.Your tail had to come off and your teeth were in bad shape.Through the ten years I spent with you you gave me more joy than I ever could imagine with your quirky ways about you.I miss you helping me make the bed in the morning.I miss you sleeping next to me EVERY night and head butting me.I miss wrapping you in a towel after you have come in from a rainstorm soaking wet.I miss watching you race around playing with snakey and having your fits around the house.I miss watching you roll in the driveway in the sunshine.I miss every ounce of your little body every second all the time.I miss stroking you and telling you how much I love you .I miss and love you to the moon and back....You are with every beat of my heart.In everything I will always be with me held so tightly in my heart.A permanent piece of my soul. your mother, Kim

The best cat anyone could could ever have.....