This letter from Kim aka "mummy" to Chelsea was written on Sunday, December 1, 2013Chelsea

Dear Chelsea,

I miss you so very much. It snowed this week, "Chelsea snow". It's my first winter without you. The snow used to make me happy because I knew how much you'd enjoy it. Pushing your face deep in to the snow and then pulling your head out, you'd always have a tiny pile of snow on the tip of your nose. Then you'd throw yourself in to the snow and lay on your back, wiggling back and forth to make snow angels. I hated the winter until you came in to my life. When I saw how much you loved the snow I began to love winter, because I began to see it through your eyes. Your happiness brought me so much joy.

Some people don't understand why the Chelsea-sized hole in my heart isn't knitting together. I don't know if it ever will. I know that hole was the price of admission for having you in my life and even though my heart is breaking, it's a price I'd pay again and again. Thank you sweet angel, for showing me the world through your eyes. I love you, I'll love you forever.


Kim aka "mummy"