This letter from Katie to Lovey was written on Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Lovey,

I'm so sorry to be doing this to you. You've been a part of me my entire life and I feel as if I'm betraying one of my closest friends. And right now if I had the choice, he would be the one taken out of the house, not you. You will never understand how important you are to me. You are my first pet. The only pet that is really just mine. I'm sorry this has to happen. I hope you find it in yourself to forgive me, because if you don't, I don't think I could ever forgive myself. I'm so sorry I didn't take care of you better, but I think I did the best I knew how. Even though you hate most people and sometimes didn't really like me, I know we respected each other and I've loved you since the day I brought you home.

My stomach is in knots. I'm not even sure I can go through with this. Its not even my decision but I'm still sick about what I have to do. I mean, you were such an important part of my life. I got you right after my grandmother died. She loved cats and had two of her own. And when she was gone and I felt this emptiness in my heart you really helped me to cope because having a cat was like having a part of her still. And now I feel like I'm losing you both now.

While you were antisocial and didn't seem to like me much during the day, I knew you still did because at night when I would be sitting on the chair or when no one else was home and I'd nap on the couch, you would jump up on my lap or tummy and nestle into me and purr happily when I scratched your head. I'm sorry I couldn't do anything different.