This letter from JoJo to Twoee was written on Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear Twoee,

I really miss you and I am really sorry I wasn't able to be with you when you were dying. I am so sorry we left you in America when we went to live in the UK, and I really wish we could have brought you with us. You would have hated it there. We didn't have a big house there and there was no land for you to roam and protect. Thank you for guarding our house and always greeting me when I came home from school. I miss your loud purring! I miss scratching you under your really soft chin. You were my brother and part of our family. We miss you so much. Our family was torn apart when you died. I miss feeling your claws kneading my legs and arms, and feeling you rub against my legs. I miss petting your soft head. I miss seeing you chase imaginary animals around the yard and up trees. I even miss seeing you catch grasshoppers. It is summer now and you would love the weather. You would be rolling in the red mud on your spot on our hill. I feel guilty because we left you in America and we don't know how you died. I hope you had a peaceful death and are at peace now. You taught me to love animals, especially crazy shelter animals who used to be strays. My dog, Duncan, used to be a stray too. There will never be another cat like you. You were original, and amazing and we loved you so much!

Missing You,