This letter from JJ to Thumbalina was written on Wednesday, August 2, 2023Thumbalina

Dear Thumbalina,

I am sorry I didn’t know you had FeLV until it was too late. You are such a pretty kitty, in fact the most special animal I’ve ever had in my entire life.

You were so full of love, never bit anyone, except the lady who was force feeding you when we didn’t know what was wrong.

You were so full of life up until a week ago. You deserved so much better, yet even while I yelled “I don’t want you to die girl” non stop sobbing my eyes out you were drunk kitty walking to show me your strength and you were laying on me pushing your paws on my face to get my attention away from the fucking sadness.

I know you missed salem girl, I put you to rest with him outback where your brush I brushed you with until they put you down is buried so you can feel like a pretty kitty one more time. I hate the fucking world right now, I needed you still Thumbalina and you didn’t deserve to die like that.

Thank you for showing me what true strength is. Even with a hermacrit of 6, you were a walking fucking miracle. Especially because you held on for one more selfish night for me.

Rest easy pretty kitty. I don’t believe in the afterlife or religion much, if at all. But if there is an afterlife please be there to greet me on the other end of the kitty rainbow before they send me to burn in hell alone.