This letter from Jilll - Mummy to Jimmy was written on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Jimmy,

I saw you on Saturday in the vet hospital and you seemed so happy to see us and you seemed to be getting better and yet that same night, May 15, we got a call in the night that you had died. I miss you so and I can't stop crying.

You were my grand-dog. Beautiful, so smart, big ears, tail that never stopped wagging. a coat that gleamed and you gave your mummy so many kisses. A very unusual little dog - cross between a dachshund and a chocolate lab -with litttle stubby legs. He was both fierce and gentle. You're everywhere Jimmy but you're not here. What can I do - I miss you so.

Please if someone is going through the same, please write me

Missing You,

Jilll - Mummy