This letter from Jennifer to Betsy was written on Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Betsy,

Summer's ending is quietly gathering now; she is soft pink skies in the evening, she is graceful and haunting, this gathering is my goodbye to Alaska. I am compelled to miss you, because I am leaving Alaska without you. I remember when we left for Alaska Betsy. It was cold. It was March. We were together. Friends picked us up in the evening. You and I said good bye to friends. We drove through the night to arrive at the Chicago Airport at 1:00 p.m. I had you and 2 suitcases. Our flight departure wasn't for hours. Our friend walked up to the check in counter and asked the airline personnel if I could keep you with me, my best friend. She said "Would it be ok for my friend here to keep her dog with her. Her flight doesn't leave for 7 hours and she is starting her life over today?" She looked at you and me, standing there together and said it would be fine. I sat in the Chicago Airport for 7 hours with you on my lap. We were starting over together. In moving to Alaska, I left everything behind except you. We were lucky to have this. You and me, every summer evening walk. Every moose encounter. The kindness of stangers to help a girl and her dog. Meeting a vet who finally cared about you as much as me. Alaska was so beautiful and kind to us. My heart is filled with sorrow that I had to say goodbye to you at all. But, leaving your ashes under that sweet tree in Kincaid park was meaningful. I miss your sweet face. I leave Alaska in a few days, because I will be without you...I am leaving everything I love here.

Rest Easy Girl.