This letter from Jennifer (Mom) to WALLACE was written on Friday, July 9, 2010


When you were first born, I had no idea what an incredible gift from God you were. In the days that past, you and I seemed to forge a bond that I have nor will probably ever have again with human or animal. You were the most loving animal, friendly to everyone, even thought you were so large, at first people were frightened of you, then they saw what a big sweet tender heart you had and couldn't help but love you. I loved the way you LOVED the ball, you slept with it, and even tried to eat with once. No matter what I had going on in my life Wallace, you knew what I needed, and you were there for me. I hope that I somehow was as good to you as you were to me, I know that you deserved the best, because that is what you were. You made your rounds and stole everyone in this families heart, When you got sick it was so hard to believe because you have always been the definition of energy and health.It seems unfair that you only had 8 1/2 years with us. But I know you are with God, and I know that I will see you again one day..We had the best times together, and I will forever love and miss you, Wallace you are my best friend and I you will always have you in my heart.


Jennifer (Mom)