This letter from jaida, farrah, and mom<3 to smokey was written on Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear smokey,

it wass 18 days before u turned 5 yrs old wen your soul was released into gods hands.... november 4, 2011!! :( i miss you more than anything in the world because of the love we shared together.... the day you died i remember wispering in your ear.. i love you! i love you! i love u!... and then telling mom that your ear twitched wen i whispered into it!!!! i wish that i would have never went to go outside or else you would still be here..... door dashing was a problem that we should have fixed a long time ago but u were such a free spirit!!! going on long walks together, and doing ur wonderful tricks at the mrs.colemans dog walk/ talent show, are only some of my favorite things that we did together!!! when you passed away i new that you would be in my heart forever!!! everyday i think about you and everyday i miss you more... but things are to happen for a reason and i still havent wrapped my hand around why that cop car was there at that moment and why you had to turn around and run into the path of your death but i do no that you are in a happier place and that you are looking down on me and waiting for my time to go so that i can be with you once again!!!!... farrah misses you and we r goin to win the talent show for you this year soo that we can say proudly that we won it together!!! i miss you and i cant wait to see it again... have fun up there with bruizer and grandpa and pepper and princess!!!!!! tell them all that i miss them and that i hope they are all happier than can be!!! good bye but not for long


jaida, farrah, and mom<3