This letter from Jacque to Panda was written on Monday, September 11, 2023Panda

My sweet Panda,

I will miss you and your green eyes you were and always be the most wonderful cat we ever had. I will always remember all the good times we had when you came to my bed one night kept on pawing me to open the door for you so you could pee. I will always treasure the special moments we had together. I’ll never forget the times we had when you let me hold you and care for you. Please always know I am sorry that you had to die alone. I sorry that no one was there to comfort you in the moments that you really needed the most I am so sorry that you had to suffer with all the pain that you had to deal with I will never forget that perfect bathroom picture you were in I deeply will miss you. And most of all your brother will miss you. Panda please don't forget us please. I will miss you a lot. I will always cherish you sitting by baby Jesus. you will not be forgotten by this family we all miss you and love you.

Love always,