This letter from J and T and the crew... to Mr. Fish was written on Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Mr. Fish,

So sad this morning, to find you so still, still with your 'love bubbles' in your little home. We knew you were fading, your color no longer so brilliantly blue-hued, your fins dragging, your lack of interest in food.

Three years. I think that's a good long time to share with a little blue fighting fish, and I'm glad you hung around with us that long. You taught me so much about emotional resonance, and how even the smallest little fighters are spiritual beings. It was fun to practice yoga with you, and so sweet when you blew little bubbles and made little faces at me when I chanted. You'll always be with me in that space of sound.

It was strange to hold you in my hand as we readied you to rest in the garden next to Rogue. So still.

Thanks for all the bubbles.


J and T and the crew...