This letter from Ishu to Rio was written on Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dear Rio,

Words cant describe how much i miss you baby. The day after you were hit by the car i started writing letters to you on my phone when i came across this website. Initially, the letters only told you how much i missed you and how much i wanted you back. No doubt, i still want you back every second of my life but i have been able to move further than that now. Sometimes i just keep wanting you back so much rio baba. i keep holding onto my heart hoping i feel better but nothing and no one can do that. i just stare at one spot when i miss you and my friend know i miss you as soon as i start doing that. my heart pains every time i realise youre gone. a pain that cant be described. i began living my life with regrets and that was the worst. i still do actually. except it started off with lots. what if i could have saved you? what if i never went for a sleepover and then you would have stayed with me and not gone out and gotten hit. what if you hadnt passed away the the guard just thpught you had. but the one i still live with - is i wish i had held you one last time. i could have had the chance to say my final good bye to my little baby. i could have held you and kissed you and just cuddled you. and till now there is no explanation i can find for makingmy self feel better for not holding you. even now while typing this a sick feeling fills me. i feel like i cant move my fingers but i just keep typing. i really cant say more right now and i know you know it all anyway. from age 14 to 16, you accompanied me, unselfishly for the full 2 years you lived. wish you didnt have to go so soon

love you my baba.

'we only part to meet again'