This letter from Grandpa to Oreo was written on Tuesday, October 5, 2010Oreo

Dear Oreo,

Hey buddy... it's been a long time. How ya doin' up there in heaven? I know... it's just "beautiful" and you're having a great time! I hope you welcomed Pushkin... and "Azreal" our cat into heaven and are showing them around. Ah... I'm sure you are.

You came to the family as a surprise Christmas gift from a friend to the kids, Sharon and John... and you were a gift that never stopped giving. What a good puppy you were... and long time companion to the family? 17 years... Wow! But, as the kids grew and left the nest you remained to keep us company and for the last years of your life you were "Grandpa's sidekick"... as the picture shows.

I always remember that you'd come out with me with the "big" telescope on some dark nights back in New Jersey and just when I was so engrossed in looking for some distant galaxy... you'd "slowly" try to slip away to go and visit your girlfriend down the block - a dog that looked a lot like your own mix - colors and all. Sometimes I'd catch you slipping away... and stop you and then, "honestly" sometimes... I'd smile and let you go and have some fun. Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell grandma or the kids. Then, you'd come home... a couple of hours later "exhausted" (Ha!), and you'd know that you were going to get a "shower" after a "night-on-the-town" (so to speak). And, with ears pinned back ('cause you thought I was angry), without me saying a word... you went upstairs into the bathroom, and right into the shower... waiting for what was coming. A nice shower to top off the day (or night as it were). Well, I didn't mind... since your "Oreo-cookie" coat white and black always looked so beautiful after a few mintues of scrubbing. The white part was like snow. For a mix.... you certainly put on a "good presentation" I have to say. VERY handsome!

On some nights... even today, some 8 years later... when I'm out alone with the telescope in Tucson.... I look around in the quiet of the night.... and remember our telescope nights together. You were something all right. So cute, and always gentle with everyone in the family - and friends, barking as folks came into the house and again when they were going out... making your presence known - doing "dog duty" on guard... but pleasantly so, not an "angry" barker. No. You were a "good" barker. (There is such a big difference... huh?) We could count on you.

Well, this letter is just to let you know that we're all still thinking about you - once in a while - and then often. It's a funny mix... how sometimes other triggers of life bring back a memory of you? We haven't gotten another dog yet. Who could replace you... though we wound up with Azreal "the cat" - thanks to John saying, "Take care of 'Oz' - I'll be back in three weeks!" That was several years ago, and now even Azreal is gone.

Well, you're in-charge of those family pets that have gone since your leaving us. I'll see you at the telescope sometime. It's nice out there in the quiet of the night - flying among the stars. Do dogs have souls? I'll bet that they do - since they have feelings - right? You betcha! And, since God made you... I'm sure He took you back too - with wide open arms and a smile. I'll bet you think His arms feel a little like Grandpa's huh? But even better! Someday, we'll meet again... and why not? You know your way around the stars... and so do I. Remember, we're all heading towards M-13? Ha! Ha! Come-here... let me give ya a hug! There ya go! Ugggghh! A big one! Thanks for all the gentle loving. I know you always felt "safe" & loved while you were with us. Now, you're safe & loved with Jesus. And, that's the best combination - in life. Kisses up to Heaven from Grandpa.

P.S. Give "Oz" and Pushkin a hug from us too! Thankx.

Missing You,