This letter from Grandma to Ruby was written on Sunday, November 17, 2013Ruby

Dear Ruby,

Hi Ruby, it's grandma. I sure do miss you. I am so glad I was able to be there with you in your last moments with us. It was so difficult looking in to your sweet little face as your pain was taken away for that I am grateful. My pain in dealing with you no longer being with us seems on going, 10 1/2 yrs went by way too fast. Your mommy gave me your toy bone, the one with the butterfly on it, I pick it up often and hold it to my heart, but you already know that don't you! I look at the pictures of you from when you first came to your mommy and our family and each year you look so different and even more beautiful. You had quite the talent for the camera, posing for every shot just like your mommy used to do! You were her little Diva. I didn't know until recently that you saved her from loneliness when she first moved away from home, thank you Ruby for taking such good care of Tracey, you loved each other so much. I know you are with her everyday! Do you remember how you let grandma give you a bath and then to dry off you would go back and forth along the pillows on the bed and then and sit in front of the hair dryer but just for a few seconds, then it was back to the pillows! And oh how you hated to be brushed!!! Even biting if you thought it hurt or was going to hurt! I also remember that Mother's Day you were staying with us when I woke to your yelping...oh how I remember that cry only to find out that you and Dapper Dan, the cat, ran into each other around a corner and you got clawed...we rushed you to the emergency vet and thankfully it was only near your eye. Yes, you had a lot of trauma in your little life. You were the runt of the litter of papillons but you always acted like the biggest dog in the world! I miss you. You and Gabby were so cute chasing each other around the house, Gabby would hide and slap you as you ran by but never did she have her claws out, you were true friends. I miss your kisses and can remember the last ones. I find myself tearing up when I pass the dog toy aisle in the stores. I have the last toy I bought for you, I didn't get to see you open it. You loved to open presents and you thought they should all be yours! Did I say "Diva"! I'm sorry we were apart for a while but I talked to you and I know you heard me send my love. Say hi to my grandma, I miss her, I know she will love you too! And grandpa Clarke too! You are romping with Prancer, Dapper, Jazz and so many more. Always in our hearts you will be. Your little "BIG" heart just gave out even though your mommy worked so hard to keep you healthy, so many times on oxygen. She did it with such love for you. You were so smart Ruby! Thank for taking care of her. I am so glad you spent a few happy weeks at your mommy's and daddy's new home, for you put your footprint there just for them, you are there, grandpa even saw you...shhhh! You brought so much joy to my life and many others. You are spinning in heaven now and watching over your mommy. Your signs are everywhere to prove it! Did I mention how smart you are! You were so brave little girl, I'm so glad that you went to heaven in your own home with your loved ones there, I'll never forget your last sweet breath. No pain left for you, only fun, spinning, gifts, kisses, romping, and being a Diva and the love you gave and received is what you have now in heaven. Grandma will always love you. I hope the pain of your loss will ease soon and I only remember the fun of having you in our lives! God Bless you Ruby and Thank You for watching over your mommy. Grandma loves her little Ruby girl and your mommy too! Fly little butterfly, your spirit is here with us. P.S. Grandpa and so many others loved you too! Xoxo