This letter from Gemma to Tevyn was written on Saturday, May 5, 2012Tevyn

Dear Tevyn,

It's been six months since you left me, suddenly. I know you had an incurable neurological condition, but it is so unfair that you were here for only 18 months. I've never met a bunny quite like you - you loved everyone and everything. The photos I took of you with your canine brothers (and canine foster siblings too) warmed the hearts of many people - they told me so after you passed away. You were an educator; you taught people how intelligent and dynamic and loving bunnies could be. You showed people that life is to be respected, and shared with the ones we love. You made a difference.

I know I will never get over your passing. You were such a blessing to me. We had our routine, day after day, and we both knew it by heart. When I woke up in the morning, you'd be waiting outside my bedroom door with Ted. I'd pet you, then go downstairs for breakfast while you snoozed on the second stair from the top, waking occasionally an venturing downstairs to use your litter box in the pantry. You always waited in the kitchen for dinner, and at just the right time. I'd serve you your pellets and veggies, and you'd eat those right there next to the dogs while they ate their dinners too. After dinner, you'd stretch out on the cool tile, usually snuggled up next to Dylan. As the evening wore on, you'd hop up onto the couch and we'd watch TV together. Sometimes, I'd fall asleep on the couch, and wake up to the sound of you zooming around the room full speed, hopping a foot into the air in pure joy.

You were my baby boy, and I suppose you still are. You were my smallest love, at a mere 3 pounds. But you knew how to hang with the big boys. You were fearless. You were trusting. You loved unconditionally. You lived life the way I wish I could live life. I've been tainted by my experiences in this world; you never were. You always remained pure.

Your very last night, I knew I was losing you. I sat with you in my lap for most of the night. We fell asleep together. By the morning you were gone. I will always feel guilty for your life. I will always wonder why you didn't live a full, long life. It isn't fair that bunnies like you live lives of neglect, shut away in cages, lonely, sick, and suffering - and those bunnies make it longer than you did. It just isn't fair. For either of us. I loved you. I cared. I don't know why you left me. It breaks my heart every single day. Things aren't the same around here without you. Big Bunny misses you. You were her soul mate and she's made it very clear that she is not moving on from you either. She's doing ok, but you were it for her. People miss you. They miss your photos - the stories we told through them, the lessons we taught. You were such a wonderful advocate. You left such a legacy. But that's over now.

I know I have to move on. But I can't. I can't move on. I miss you. I love you.