This letter from Eternally Your Soul Mate, Daddy to Monster Pee Wee Posey was written on Saturday, May 3, 2014Monster Pee Wee Posey

Dear Monster Pee Wee Posey,

Hello My Dear Sweet Saint, Words cannot tell you how much you are missed. The color left my world and only a shell of me remains without you. I try everyday because of you. HOW you Loved and Lived Life Inspires me. Always honoring God for your life.

I think back to the day that God led me to you in that horrible pet shop, so alone and abused. So tiny and yet a World of Love already waiting to give. You quickly became my reason to live again. You brought back Color and Love to my life. As time would march on, You opened so many doors of my heart and Soul that I had shut up and thought I would never open again. You were sent to me to remind me and re teach me the things I needed to live again. My walk with God, YOU and YOU alone re established. And how amazingly you did that. I saw an endless amount of Love and Compassion in You that would and could change anyone. Loverbug, Buster misses you. I am taking care of him for you. He will never forget You or Your Name.

I allowed you to live and enjoy things but I was irresponsible too. I simply just wanted you to be Happy in every way. Often forgetting the dangers of this world

Sweet Boy. I can't begin to tell you what I miss the Most because there was NO part of you that was common or simple. Every single day of your Amazing life, I told YOU how YOU simply "amazed" me. Your intelligence seemed to expand and to the point that You seemed to become the caregiver. There was NO creature Big or Small that You didn't love, have amazing compassion for and take responsibility for. I watched as all creatures wild and tame seemed to "Know" you too. You Garnered respect from so many things that I Thanked God everyday for allowing you to Share Your Amazing Life with me. I wondered what I did to deserve You and Your Love but It was something I needed rather than deserved. God knew that. I am humbled by YOU. I always was. NOTHING Can or will ever teach me what you did. You were not my Dog, but my Son and in so many ways, my "Compass". How you Took to and Comforted the sick people or sad people around you. You were so misunderstood because Creatures like you are so rare that people can be blind by nature. I will ALWAYS THANK GOD for our Walk together. I still wake up in the middle of the night and reach over to put my hand on you, YOU are NOT there. I wake up crying and everything is Brand New. The Pain, The Loss of something more than a companion but my Inspiration, my Reason to live, ALL of my Happiness and ALL of the innocence that came back into my heart like a child. GOD knows that you put an innocence back in me that we all loose as we grow up. You just filled so many shoes that boundaries became blurred and non existent. You were in many ways my Baby, My Child and yet, My Leader. My Admiration for you was limitless. You never belonged to me but was MY GIFT from God that simply Shared my Burdens. You had to bear the weight of my weaknesses in so many ways but You always ROSE to the Occasion. All I can do is spend hours on my Knees Thanking God for Appointing something so Great in my life. That is just the way you came to me. Even before you even weighed a pound, it was like you were on a mission and I recognized that. Not because I knew I needed it but because YOU showed me I needed it. The GIFT you gave me upon your departure was Just the way you Lived your Beautiful Life. Without that, I could not stand this pain. Thank God and Thank You my Sweet Saint. LOVE HAS NO END. Until God reunites us, I will simply exist. In God's Bosom REST. You Earned it Sweet Saint.


Eternally Your Soul Mate, Daddy