This letter from ES to Skye was written on Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear Skye,

Today marks two years since we said goodbye, since I last gave you a hug, since I last saw your happy face, saw u wag your tail, or ran my fingers through your fur. I miss you so much girl, so, so, much. It's a good thing I have keyko, I can't imagine what life would be like without a dog. I am finally going to get keyko spayed, and then in going to save up so we can enter agility classes. That's something I would have loved to do with you. I think back to all those years we spent together, I was growing up while you were growing old, but except for your greeting muzzle, no one would have been able to tell how old you were. You were always so enthusiastic and full of energy right up to the last month. I remember the morning we took you to the vets that very last time, you had woken up that day feeling better, you were able to stand up, and your tail was wagging as we walked into the vets. It's was sunny, so sunny that chilly January morning, and I knew it was right, I knew it was time for you to go. I also remember walking out of the vets, dogledd and looking back and seeing your tail through the door as we walked away. I wanted to take you home. I wanted to take you home so we could play in the backyard, you me and keyko, together like we used too. I wanted to take you home so I could give you milk bones, and brush you and talk to you and hug you, and so that you could sit obnoxiously close to me, making me give you attention. And I still want to take you home Skye, I want you to come home so bad, but your not going to. So you have too wait untill I get to heaven, I promise I'll do all those things, and me and mum and dad will give you belly ribs all the time. Some people think animals don't go to heaven, but I know you did, and besides, how could Jesus not let someone as perfect as you into heaven? Anyhow, here's some updates. Mum and dad are doing well, dads deffinentially getting older though, so that means grumpier! But you know that dads alway's been on the grumpy side anyways! Luke is doing much better. Anyways, I have to go now,

Untill next time,

Love ES