This letter from E.S. to Skye was written on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear Skye,

It has been exactly a year now since you left our family and went to live with Jesus on his great big house in the clouds and we all miss you. I made you a promise that I would write you every year on this day so here is my letter.

We all miss you a lot Skye and wish you were still here with us but anyhow, here are the updates. First of all, Luke got a new kitten! Her name is Lucy-Lou and she is adorable! Keyko loves her as she always is really good with cats, but Tayko hates her! It's really funny because the two of them sit and growl at each other all the time but they never actually get into a fight or anything! Now for some bad news. Luke got sick so he was in the hospital for quite a while but he'll be ok. As for me, I'm back horseback riding so that makes me really happy! Mum and dad really miss you too but dad doesn't want to het another dog since we might be moving to a smaller house and we already have 2 cats and a dog to worry about. Me and mum always talk about what kind of a dog we want to get anyways! Being at camp this summer was really weird without you because for my whole life, you and me always had so much fun together in the summer! I wish I could have done that much with you the rest of the year but daddy would never let you inside. I'm really sorry that you had to live outside, you must have gotten really lonely. Oh well, we have to remember the good times not bad right? You were such a good dog, even when you were bad, and you were the most loyal friend ever, always there when I needed you. And even though you were my dog, you were the best sister of all.

I love you Skye, and I promise, I will always love you. Even when I'm one hundred years old.

Love you always, E.S.

Missing You,