This letter from Emily to Cupcake was written on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Cupcake,

I know it's been 2 years since you left, and maybe I shouldn't have grief this raw, but I do. Everyone says time will make it better, and if not make it better, at least dull it a little. I haven't found that to be so. I still miss everything about you, and I still cry when I remember all the love you gave so selflessly. When I was a lonely child, you comforted me. When my world came crashing down in a sea of betrayel and despair, you were there. When I saw no other reason to keep going, you held my cying face in your tiny paws and made me laugh as you licked my tears. You gave me reason, and sometimes, you were the only reason.

14 years wasn't enough. You were my baby before I ever had children. You prepared my heart for the endless love they now recieve. You have touched lives that you will never meet because of your devotion to me. I miss your tiny body curled up next to me, I miss your doggy smell of fur and rawhide, I miss your large eyes whose compassion always filled me with joy, and I miss the way you were content only when it was me at your side.

I know you suffered in the end. I knew you were dying by the look on your face. I was going to do the right thing, and hold you in my arms while the vet put you to sleep for the last time. But you climbed into bed with me that night as I was agonizing over the decision, and you sighed happily. By the next morning, you had passed naturally in your sleep. I think you hung on because you knew how much I needed you. I think that you were able to leave when you saw I was strong enough to let you go. I will love you forever. My heart wil always be yours. My children will know what a dear friend you were to me. For a time, you were my world. Now I hope, that when my day eventually comes, we will be in a world together. Always.