This letter from Dawn to Jenny was written on Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Jenny,

I remember you vividly, even to this day. You and I grew up together. You were the only friend when I was a child that never judged me. You never made me feel inferior because I am permanently disabled. You accepted me as though I was just your sister and not some cripple you were stuck with. I will never forget the day dad had you put down because at age almost 16 you developed throat cancer. Mother took me to get my hair done but, she made sure I knew when I got home, you would be gone. Jenny, I will never forget your goodbye to me. I will never forget the love I had and STILL have for you. Jenny, my first dog and my first REAL friend, please wait for me in Heaven. I want to see you again. Oh I love you so much. It has been many years now since I was sixteen and you were sixteen and dying. That night I wanted to go with you. Now, at age forty four, I really wish I had. All my love and thank you my Labradoodle before they were popular. Jenny, you will never know how to brightened my world. I have had and do have dogs and cats now, still but, I will never forget my first and very best friend. Dear God, please take care of my Jenny. She still means the world to me. Jenny, thank you and I love you very much, I always, always will!! Love, Dawn