This letter from Daddy to Rocks was written on Monday, April 29, 2013Rocks

Dear Rocks,

I can't believe its been a year today since you left us. For some weird reason I have been waiting for today and now that its here, I don't know what to say. So I will just say what I would if you were here right now: I miss you, everyday & I still think of you everyday. I miss your kisses, our cuddling, the way you loved your ball, how you would quickly run back to the other side of the gate and hope I didn't notice! (I saw you every time!) I still cry alone and try to remember that you don't want me to be sad, but my heart still aches :(

I felt so cheated that you were taken away from us so soon and sudden. You were a great dog and friend. You were so sweet, loving, and innocent. You never deserved what happened to you. I also felt like I cheated you. I cheated you out of walks, all those times you wanted to play and I was simply to lazy. I can't help but to feel guilty. If I could do it all over I would.

I of course will not remember you for how you left us but for all the wonderful memories and love you brought me. I could never thank you enough. You taught me so much about loyalty and how I need to appreciate the moments I have with the one I love the most and not take them for granted.

I want you to know you will always be part of our family, you will always be my dog, you will always have your paw print deeply engraved into my heart. I hope your having fun up in heaven and regardless if it's in a dream or in heaven I can't wait until the day I see you again.

"And since you've gone I can't forget

what I didn't say that it's much too late

I feel you here in my heart but sometimes I fall

I gotta crawl in the dark" - Saves The Day