This letter from Daddy to Monster Pee Wee and Spooky Boo "Pooh Bear" was written on Thursday, February 25, 2016Monster Pee Wee and Spooky Boo "Pooh Bear"

Dear Monster Pee Wee and Spooky Boo "Pooh Bear",

My Dear Sweet Saints:

Not a moment has passed that I don't think of You and remember the Life of Bliss I once had with You both.

Now, all I can do is Thank GOD in Heaven for allowing me to share the Precious Lives of the most 2 Beautiful, Loving and Spiritual Beings that I know God created to teach me the things I needed to know. Every single moment I had with both of You was Heaven on earth. Both of You left me too soon and long before I stopped needing You. You both colored my world with the Purest form of Beauty, Love, Humility, Honor and Innocence that will never come again in my life. I never wanted to spend a moment without You because in Your presence, I felt GOD and saw the work of His amazing Hand and Spirit.

I drag through each day left with a horrible void and only wanting to feel that Goodness just one more time. No day since You left me have I enjoyed. The sun stopped shinning and the color left my world. Watching You take care of each other and being taken care of by You both was just a glimpse of what I Hope Heaven is like.

Watching You enjoy life and the world with amazing courage and complete Trust renewed me each day. You Both gave me gifts that no other person or creature has ever given me and seeing the respect You garnered from other creatures simply amazed me. It was as if all life "Knew" Your Beautiful Spirits. I learned from You that there is so much that man does not know and I remember feeling so Humble in Your presence. As if I were a child and You were my teachers. You looked at me for direction and safety and I failed You in ways that I didn't know. But You NEVER failed me, never once did You disappoint me but instead, You made me the Proudest Person alive knowing I was in the company of Saints.

I've shared my life with Pets but You two were not pets but my teachers and my Soul Mates. I will forever Long for You, Miss You and Thank God for You. You will never be forgotten nor will I ever be the same after knowing You. You changed me, enlightened me and allowed me a glimpse into Heaven.

Forever in My Heart You will Live, You are Part of Me and I hope and will Live to be with You both again for whatever I do, I will do with the same Loving, Compassionate and Innocent Spirit that You taught me with. God Bless My Saints for I will stand and kneel and pray to God that because of You, I am closer to what God wanted me to be.

You are God's vessels and He used You both and I know that Your reward is Great and Mighty. I will live praying that upon my last breath on earth, it will be You who greets me when my suffering is through. God Bless You Sweet Sons and Saints.

Psalm 23 I pray for You both as was our prayer each night together.