This letter from Daddy's Girl to Dad was written on Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Dad,

Hi Dad,

I miss you so much it hurts. Its time for an update on your daughters life. I volunteer for RideAbility now in Pine Island. Its amazing that I can work with horses and be around people, I'm still trying to find a job, Jesse and I r hoping/trying to buy our first house this year. I miss the late night Wal-Mart trips with you, our late night jaunts to Missouri, I even miss the smell of smoke in the house,watching wrestling with you and eating all the food that Mom said was bad for us. I miss going to the rodeo with you, the way you slept on the couch, with the t.v. on and the remote in your head. Jesse sleeps like you a lot, he drives like you, he even drinks pop like you did, he doesnt eat a lot like you did, he reminds me of you. Are you proud of who your daughter has become??? Stacy and Jordan will be married for a year on Halloween, dont ask why they got married on Halloween they just did, Jesse and I will celebrate 2 years of marriage on July 26th, Jason has a beautiful baby girl that hes trying to get custody of, Katrina is still in her group home and she hates it, Mom has a new boyfriend too and hes nice but hes a lot like you. Eileen and Jason are expecting a baby girl any day now, Johnny's gonna be a big brother. MOM is having trouble in the cities with her landlord. Ashley and Brad are back together and her parents have no idea. We are all going to the Minnesota Horse Expo its gonna be awesome. Well I guess thats all i have for now, so I will talk to you later. I Love and Miss you.

Missing You,

Daddy's Girl