This letter from crawmac to Casey Crawford was written on Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Casey Crawford,

Not a day goes by that I don't look for your smilin face and sweet bark. It's been just over a month since you went to that great agility field across the rainbow bridge. So young, you had to leave us so early - just shy of your 10th birthday old boy - Mom's millinum baby - you went through so much. You where our first beautiful sheltie boy. So loving patient and kind. You were one of a kind - and everyone just loved you. You introduced me to the sport of agility, showed me how your love of everyone took us to doing Therapy dog visits. You light the way for us to love more shelties - and LIbby, Cole and Winston miss you so much as well. Those 3 dogs seemed so lost for that first month , and your daddy and I cried and cried for you. Casey I love you so much, and I wish you could be here with me with all of us but I know we will again be together, running agility, laughing, playing ball, floating in the water and loving each other as we always have. You taught me so much, and there will never be another like you - be good, and stay sweet and we will again be together- you are now in a special place where you don't hurt, or suffer you just love. We love you Casey - I hope you knew that, I will never ever forget your handsome face, your sweet loving ways and your sheltie kisses - stay safe and warm and loved - and remember to share your ball! kisses and hugs your Mamma, Daddy and your sister Libby and brothers Cole and Winston :)