This letter from Brooke to Luke was written on Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dear Luke,

You've always liked that name, haven't you?

Lucas was never the right way to go with you, was it?

You weren't just in my life, because you've touched many others.

I saw you when I was three and pulled on your fur, but Luke you loved kids!

When you let me ride around on your back, it was amazing.

The wet hound dog nose nudging against my arm told me you wanted to play.

Your tail used to swing wildly everyday (so bad we couldn't put bulbs on the bottom of the Christmas tree.) Then you got older, gram and papa were paying tons and tons a money a month to keep you alive and happy.

Grandma said she will never forget the night you passed, she said your name, but you couldn't hear. She pet you, but you couldn't feel. Papa stayed up with you all night long, then when you stopped breathing gram woke up, she could hear papa cry.

I think you could hear the loud cry of a loving owner, and a soft song of an angel.

Missing You,