This letter from Bronte to Bo was written on Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Bo,

You left us too soon. Even though you were 15 years old, you still were running around with the horse and rummaging through dead deer carcasses that you loved to drag home from the timber. You were a typical farm dog: pretty much invincible. I remember how bad dad felt the day you died, he cried for days on end. But it wasn't his fault, you never EVER slept under cars so why would he check on that sunny fall afternoon? You were losing your hearing, (either that or you were getting old enough that you knew you didn't have to listen to us), and it looked like it was a little harder for you to get up from your bed than usual too. But still, you didn't fool us, we knew you were still that 1 year old border collie inside. The one with boundless energy and the brains to outsmart us. You would play fetch with me, even when you were losing your teeth and your muzzle was getting gray. You were such a handsome dog, and I miss you every time I return home to see the horse. She misses you too, you were her best friend and constant companion. You never left her side. I know dad feels horrible about running you over, but I know you have forgiven him. So if you could please send him a message that brings him peace. I love you Bo bo, and I can't wait until I get my own border collie.