This letter from Beth & Keith, Sophie, Sam, Roo, Grace and Floyd to Mabel was written on Wednesday, February 1, 2012Mabel

Dear Mabel,

With heavy hearts we said goodbye to you in October of last year nearly 4 years after you beagled into our lives on a Christmas day. We knew your were an elderly girl at the time, but you were very hardy and really did great until the last month or so of your life. You were my first beagle but won't be my last. I know know why my husband is so in love with the breed. You were the most affectionate, funny and LOUD dog I have ever met. All that in a 20lb old lady. I miss you hustling up to me and heaving a big sigh as you sat down in front of me and demanded your petting time. We spent lots of nights on the couch together. Knowing you taught me about being happy to be alive, about relishing a good smell (not necessarily a pleasant one), about loving the winter sun and the airconditioning on a hot summer day. When we arrived at a park for a walk, everybody could hear you as you barked and carried on while we unloaded all the dogs from the car. Bunnies and squirrels were wise to take notice. I loved the way you greeted every meal with such enthusiasm that you would bark with joy, lifting your front feet off the ground and making your ears blow back! We planted your ashes under a new red maple in the back yard and I greet your tree every morning. I am finally writing this today to honor the anniversary of Pushkin's passing. I hope you are both making noise and running the show where ever you are now.


Beth & Keith, Sophie, Sam, Roo, Grace and Floyd